Encouraging and empowering: self-care and prevention

When people are suffering from debilitating health conditions they can feel that they have lost control of their own health and well-being. Encouraging and empowering people to take control of aspects of their care can help them to regain a feeling of control and confidence as well as the obvious benefits gained by using therapies to alleviate symptoms.

The Award for prevention and self-care is aimed at those therapists who are helping people to manage their health conditions and symptoms, and encouraging them to make positive lifestyle changes. This includes for people living with long-term health challenges.

If you are helping people to regain their confidence, manage their health conditions and symptoms we want to hear from you. You might be a therapist working in your own practice or part of a wider healthcare team working in a health or social care setting.

The judges will be looking for evidence of:

1. A clearly thought out project plan or service initiative.

2. Background research and use of evidence, patient stories and casestudies

3. Partnership working

4. Outcomes beneficial to patients or clients

5. Relevance and transferability to other settings or services.

You will need to:

Describe your work or project in 50 words

Tell us more about the background, your aims and objectives and any evidence that shaped your plans (200 words)

Tell us about how you worked with others, for example NHS, local government or charity colleagues (100 words)

What were the benefits for your patients or clients? (100 words)

What are the key messages for others wanting to do something similar? (100 words)

Enter now here or get in touch if you have any questions.

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