Pain: offering relief and support

Pain has a huge impact on every aspect of a person’s daily life and also on the lives of those around them. People living with pain will undoubtedly experience fear, frustration, loneliness and isolation at some point, this on top of living and coping with pain. Pain management is one of the most under-funded services in the NHS and yet is one of the most common, debilitating and potentially life-changing conditions.

Across the UK complementary therapies are offering relief and support for sufferers, whether that is in pain management, injury prevention or rehabilitation. We want to hear from therapists who are helping to improve pain perception and pain management. This could be therapists working alongside orthodox medicine or where orthodox medicine has run its course. It may include soft-tissue and non-specific lower back pain, a common condition that doctors struggle to treat. Entries for this category include therapists successfully offering osteopathy, remedial and sports massage, myofascial therapy and reflexology.

To enter the Award for pain management, injury prevention and rehabilitation you will need to demonstrate:

1. A clearly thought out project plan or service initiative.

2. Background research and use of evidence, patient stories and case studies

3. Partnership working

4.Outcomes beneficial to patients or clients

5.Relevance and transferability to other settings or services.


You will need to:

  • Describe your work or project in 50 words
  • Tell us more about the background, your aims and objectives and any evidence that shaped your plans (200 words)
  • Tell us about how you worked with others, for example NHS, local government or charity colleagues (100 words)
  • Tell us what were the benefits for your patients or clients? (100 words)
  • Tell us what are the key messages for others wanting to do something similar? (100 words)

Enter now here or get in touch if you have any questions.

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