The Complementary Therapy Awards are open to all complementary therapists working as individuals, or in teams where complementary therapists play a leading role. Entries for the Awards are now closed.


To look at the categories and full criteria download the Info Sheet.


The categories are:

The Award for prevention and self-care: This is for those helping people to manage their own health conditions and symptoms, and encouraging them to make positive lifestylechanges. This includes people living with long-term health challenges

The Award for cancer care: Are you involved in are helping people manage stress and symptoms resulting from cancer diagnosis and treatment?  Relieving anxiety can help patients cope with their course of treatment  and rehabilitation, and we would like you to tell us about your achievements in this area.

The Award for palliative care: This is about showing how therapies can improve quality of life, sleep and pain management in those receiving palliative and end of  life care, when conventional medicine is often no longer appropriate. The judges will be looking for outstanding examples of how therapists have made a difference to people and their families.

The FHT Award for complementary therapy research: This is for those involved in academic research in complementary therapy who are ready to share their results with a wider audience with the aim of promoting evidence-based practice, and demonstrating effectiveness to commissioners and others.

The Award for mental health and well-being: Are you working with people with mental health problems or perhaps those seeking to build up their resilience and wellbeing?  Tell us about how you are helping, for example, those suffering from dementia, anxiety, mild depression, loneliness, burn-out or work-related stress.

The Award for pain management, injury prevention and rehabilitation: Have you a case study of how you have helped with improving pain perception and pain management, perhaps where orthodox medicine has run its course? This could include soft tissue injuries and non-specific lower back pain, a common condition that doctors struggle to treat.

The Award for furthering integrated healthcare: Are you helping to bridge the gap? The judges here are looking for a training initiative for statutory regulated health professionals, which promotes complementary therapies and supports the integrated healthcare agenda.

Overall winner – complementary therapist or team of the year: The overall winner is chosen by the judges from among the category winners and cannot be entered directly.