Complementary therapies – sharing research

The importance of academic research in complementary therapy is very clear. That’s why the FHT Award for Complementary Therapy Research is a key category in these Awards.

This Award is for those involved in academic research in complementary therapy who are ready to share their results with a wider audience with the aim of promoting evidence-based practice, and demonstrating effectiveness to commissioners and others.

The judges will be looking for evidence of:

  1. A recently completed research project which significantly enhances the body of knowledge currently known about the topic
  2. A cohort large enough to be statistically significant
  3. Methodology which is sound, clear and able to be replicated
  4. Direct impact within current clinical practice

You will need to:

  • Describe your project in 50 words
  • Tell us more about the methodology, research context and your aims and objectives (200 words)
  • Summarise your results in 100 words
  • Tell us what were the benefits for your patients or clients? (100 words)
  • Tell us what are the key messages for others wanting to do something similar? (100 words)

If you’d like to find out more about the Awards please visit our stand at CAMSTRAND 2018 in Manchester on 26 & 27 June. If you haven’t booked your ticket yet take a look at the CAMSTRAND 2018 Conference Poster plain & book now here

If you’re ready to enter the FHT Award for Complementary Therapy Research click here now

Good luck!

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